Mia, Sara and I walked out of Friends With Benefits and headed straight to the nearest bar. A movie like that will do that to a gal.

Not that there was anything earth-shattering in the movie with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis; its just that the concept — can you have casual sex with someone you know and like as a friend? — is one that most women like to dissect.

Ill have a cosmo, Mia said to the bartender as we sidled up to the bar.

Same, Sara said.

Grey Goose. Rocks. Twist, I said.

You always have to be different, Sara huffed.

Not always.

Well, even your FWB — why did it work for you and not us? Sara said, taking a long sip of her cosmo.

Honestly, I dont know. But, first let me back up.

When we each got divorced, Sara, Mia and I were, like most newly divorced people — total messes. Wed each lost about 10 pounds — that wasnt so bad, actually — from lack of sleep and food; we cried a lot; we couldnt concentrate; we looked like crap. But we tried our best to keep it together for our kids and jobs.


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